Gluttonous and Good For You!

Gluttonous and Good For You!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mind-blowning Grilled Cheese: Sriracha Ketchup, Kettle Potato Chips, Pickles, Sharp Cheddar (gluten-free)

Traditional grilled cheese sandwich dipped in tomato soup remains one of my favorite meals, regardless of the fact that I must be gluten-free.  It's a good litmus test for gluten-free (GF) bread.  I have a winner.  Trader Joe's makes the best GF bread, in my personal opinion.  Hands down!  Both of their varieties: plain and the wholegrain (which I love for all seeds and grains).  You know, I rarely promote brands.  However, here I feel compelled to share my experience, strength, and hope of tasty textured GF bread with you.  Another winner is Traina California Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup, and their version with Sriracha.  Yes, Sriracha and California Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup.  So grown up, sophisticated, and full of sass.  I friend back in Cincy turned me on Traina.  It's almost more like a chutney, packed with flavor and substance.

Then some kind of culinary genius struck me: grilled cheese sandwich with the Sriracha ketchup.  Add in some kettle potato chips.  Add in a layer of crisp pickles.  All between three slices of sharp cheddar cheese.  All my favorites in my favorite type of sandwich.  It ended up so thick, I had to microwave it for about thirty seconds to make it super gooey.  A good sandwich requires good building.  Refer to my directions, below.  And trust me, no one needs to know it's gluten-free.

Mind-blowning Grilled Cheese: Sriracha Ketchup, Kettle Potato Chips, Pickles, Sharp Cheddar
Ingredients (per sandwich):
  • 2 slices good GF bread (I used Trader Joe's Wholegrain GF Bread)
  • 3 slices Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • 2-3 slices Sandwich Slices Pickles (from the refrigerator section)
  • about 1 ounce Kettle Potato Chips
  • Sriracha Ketchup
  • scant amount of butter or natural type spread
Heat up a medium saute pan/skillet over low-medium heat (error on the lower side).  Lightly spread softened butter or spread on one side of bread.  Place buttered side down in skillet.  Place one slice of cheese.  Then evenly layer the potato chips and smash with a clean, dry palm.  Repeat.  Then generously squeeze and evenly distribute the Sriracha ketchup on the flattened potato chips.  Add another slice of cheese.  Lay down the pickles as flat and close to each other as possible.  Layer with the third slice of cheese.  Then the other piece of bread.  Lightly spread butter on top.  Carefully flip over after about three minutes.  Cook the other side for about three minutes.  Remove from heat and place on plate.  If it's not oozing, microwave for thirty seconds.  Allow to rest/set up for a minute or two before cutting.  Enjoy every single bite!

-Erin Swing
Swing Eats

This is part of Food Network's Comfort Food Fest. Check out The FN Dish. The comfort food we're focusing on here are grilled cheese sandwiches. Here’s the link to our Pinterest board:  On twitter, it's tagged: #ComfortFoodFeast  Here are other super awesome grilled cheese recipes from fellow bloggers:

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